Orla Kiely obsessed

I confess, I am obsessed with Orla Kiely’s designs. I frantically search Homesense and TK Maxx for reduced Orla Kiely items…



… swoon after her People Tree dresses,

… and Clarks shoes,

… and it isn’t going to get any better. Have you seen her latest collection? It’s library-themed and I WANT IT ALL.

Cat carriers

I took our cat Gwbert to the vets today and I realised we really need to get him a new one asap. We bought his current plastic pet carrier when we got him for about £6 at the supermarket and proceeded to lose the fastenings that held it together. After months as a healthy little cat he was taken ill last summer and we had to take him to the emergency vet’s in his pet carrier being held with a couple of pieces of string!
 So the time has arrived to get this boy a new pet carrier. Here are my options:

The picnic basket!

This is the one the vet recommended. He said they look like something out of Alcatraz but are the sturdier and longer lasting.

Also known as the bog standard plastic pet carrier. Not a fan but affordable.

The fabric carrier, slightly prettier but more difficult to clean.

And finally, my favourite, the wicker basket. I like this one because it looks less like a pet carrier, does that defeat the point? Also, it would make a nice cat bed too. And it’s pretty (always an important factor).

Which one would you go for? Any advice?


(A picture of Gwbert, just because. You’re welcome)

The armchair quest

I have this gap in the living room that is bothering me and I want to fill it with an armchair.


The criteria:

  • comfy
  • matches the rest of the room (black & white, scandinavian inspired with touches of colour)
  • mid-century modern (because hell, like everyone else on the tinternet I love that style too!)
  • not too bulky
  • under £100

The last one is probably the trickiest even though I am willing to go second-hand. The selection of furniture in Gumtree for South Wales and the South West is pretty disappointing. If you have any tips for second hand armchair shopping, please share in the comments section. PLEASE!

It will be used mostly for using the living room comfortably when we have guests and for reading/knitting.

Here is my inspiration:

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Our felt ball garland and owl cushion ❤️💛

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from Flora_loves (who has the lovely Violet and Percy shop)

from Take Courage blog

from Made.comxUnboxed (love that website). This one is the Jonah armchair

… the Tubby armchair…

… and the Ritchie.

Of course there is always IKEA, but the armchairs I like are out of budget. This one is from a new colelction and it’s called Ekenäset (£150).

The Stocksund range is a classic (£275).

And the Strandmon (£195).


I will probably not buy anything until the next house (whenever that is) unless I find a true bargain, but Pinterest is free!


Long time no see

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I last blogged. 9 months to be precise, whoa! Instagram seems to be more of my cup of tea – it’s quick and looks pretty. I find blogging very time-consuming, although funnily enough I find time every week to read my favourite blogs!


This week I’m attending some business courses organised by Business in Focus to see where (or if) we can take Tuck & Boak next. It has been really thought-provoking and worrying at the same time. How do people make any money? It take guts to quit your day job and start a business and I like my monthly paycheque to be honest… but we’ll see. I am learning lots and have tons of new ideas, even if they’re not for full-time proper businesses.

What I have resolved to do is that I definitely need to start blogging again. All the paths I want to take involve blogging in one way or another so I am going to be spending some time here, see you around!


IKEA spin-offs

Anyone who remotely knows me is aware of my IKEA love/passion/obsession. Ah, I love the place! Scandinavian! Interior design! Scandinavian design! Affordable! What can I say? It means all my criteria. I don’t even get paid to say this (hint hint IKEA PR people!).
It is no surprise then that I really like what I call spin-off websites, ie not their official corporate website but those that have sprung up around it. Some are part of the IKEA umbrella, others are completely independent.

IKEA Family Live


IKEA Share Space

IKEA USA’s YouTube channel

IKEA Hackers. Some of my favourite IKEA hacks.

And some others:

Pretty Pegs

Cover Couch

Bemz (lots of inspiration in their gorgeous website but also pricier than Cover Couch…)

PS Don’t you think IKEA adverts are really cute?