Cat carriers

I took our cat Gwbert to the vets today and I realised we really need to get him a new one asap. We bought his current plastic pet carrier when we got him for about £6 at the supermarket and proceeded to lose the fastenings that held it together. After months as a healthy little cat he was taken ill last summer and we had to take him to the emergency vet’s in his pet carrier being held with a couple of pieces of string!
 So the time has arrived to get this boy a new pet carrier. Here are my options:

The picnic basket!

This is the one the vet recommended. He said they look like something out of Alcatraz but are the sturdier and longer lasting.

Also known as the bog standard plastic pet carrier. Not a fan but affordable.

The fabric carrier, slightly prettier but more difficult to clean.

And finally, my favourite, the wicker basket. I like this one because it looks less like a pet carrier, does that defeat the point? Also, it would make a nice cat bed too. And it’s pretty (always an important factor).

Which one would you go for? Any advice?


(A picture of Gwbert, just because. You’re welcome)


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