The armchair quest

I have this gap in the living room that is bothering me and I want to fill it with an armchair.


The criteria:

  • comfy
  • matches the rest of the room (black & white, scandinavian inspired with touches of colour)
  • mid-century modern (because hell, like everyone else on the tinternet I love that style too!)
  • not too bulky
  • under £100

The last one is probably the trickiest even though I am willing to go second-hand. The selection of furniture in Gumtree for South Wales and the South West is pretty disappointing. If you have any tips for second hand armchair shopping, please share in the comments section. PLEASE!

It will be used mostly for using the living room comfortably when we have guests and for reading/knitting.

Here is my inspiration:

Our felt ball garland and owl cushion ❤️💛

A post shared by F L O R A M O U N T F O R D (@violetandpercy_) on

from Flora_loves (who has the lovely Violet and Percy shop)

from Take Courage blog

from Made.comxUnboxed (love that website). This one is the Jonah armchair

… the Tubby armchair…

… and the Ritchie.

Of course there is always IKEA, but the armchairs I like are out of budget. This one is from a new colelction and it’s called Ekenäset (£150).

The Stocksund range is a classic (£275).

And the Strandmon (£195).


I will probably not buy anything until the next house (whenever that is) unless I find a true bargain, but Pinterest is free!



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