Living with cats

I love having a cat, he brings so much joy (and fluffy cuddles) to our lives. Our not-so-little-anymore Gwbert is the king of the house. He is King Gwbert. This means that he has plenty of cat toys and accessories around the house… which brings me to my question of the day: How do you make pet stuff look pretty? Or at least less ugly?

I have been investigating recently a solution for the problem of the litter tray lately and have found some good ones (and doable as well) at the amazing website IKEA hackers.

cats, cat, litter, tray

This one is made with a Faktum wall cabinet and looks pretty nifty, right? As a weird white box in the corner of a room might look a bit strange, I was thinking of using the top as a quiet reading nook. I hope my cat is not put off by that!

ikea, cat, cats, litter, tray, ikea hackers, ikea hacks

This one  is similar but made with a Besta cabinet. It even has a sort of buffer room, ha!

I have also been wrapping string around the table legs he likes scratching and has worked really well.

Any other tips from the cat lovers of the tinternet?


And this is the beastie in question, I know you were asking for it!



Blogging on blogging

There is a lot of stuff around the ‘tinternet recently about blogging. I’m not sure what to think or on which side of the fence to sit on, but I have been reading blogs for years and they still manage to keep me entertained. I think it’s just a sector that is growing very fast, and the fact that there are so many professional bloggers these days is creating some tension.

Either way, I really want to watch this documentary about blogging, American Blogger. Here’s the trailer:


Trainers are everywhere, when did this happen? I went from hating the sporty look to coveting these:

Nike Roshe Run £71.99

Nike Red Chequered Dress £85

Nike x Liberty £75 (so pretty!)


As I can’t afford any of these, I’ll have to stick to my trusted (not so) old pair of New Balance trainers. They’re black and neon pink and I can’t complain really.

Did you know that New Balance trainers are made in the UK? Another reason to stick to them!


I used to bake a lot. I love baking. But since we moved to our current house I haven’t baked that much at all. I blame the shitty built-in oven, which doesn’t work and we cannot get rid of it. Basically, we have to grill everything.

We have grilled cakes, pies, pizzas… you name it! It’s difficult to get things right and soggy bottoms are a constant problem. Mary Berry’s worst nightmare!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 20.46.28

But today my friend was going to throw away some bananas because they were too ripe and I couldn’t let that happen! I hate throwing away food, so I took them home and bake a banana loaf from my trusted old baking book.

And ta-da! Here’s the result:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 20.46.04

Bonus: now the whole house smells of cake, mmmm!

The blue leather jacket

Do you ever get compliments from complete strangers? I never do, it is something I am not used to, especially since I live in Britain. But since I got this Zara jacket, all sorts of randomers approach me in public places to tell me how nice my jacket is. Some people ask me where I got it and others already know and just say ‘is it from Zara?’.

I don’t really mind, in fact I’m getting used to it. This jacket has proven to be a great ice-breaker.

zara, jacket, leather, baby, blue

Do you have a piece of clothing that stands out so much that people feel compelled to comment?


Body clock

Did you catch this article about the human body clock? It’s fascinating!

Apparently the worst time to do exercise is early in the morning and the best in the early evening. And I seem to have an ok timetable after all!

I always thought I was not a morning person at all, but it is simply that my body responds to light more than I thought, because I can get up much earlier much more easily in the summer.

Have you taken the test? And how crazy is those BBC journalists timetable? They have to get up at 3.20 AM!

Wool shopping

I snatched up some bargains today at Hobbycraft:



T-shirt yarn in mint and neon yellow, an cheaper than Wool an the Gang which I almost bought because I love their stuff. I also got some black and white aran wool for which I already have a couple of ideas.
Aren’t the colours pretty?