Tuck & Boak

A few months ago, on a sunny summer afternoon, my friend Silke and I decided to start a new venture to put our crafty skills to work. For a few years now we often found ourselves trying to organise craft club sessions with our friends at work, but most of the time, only her and I wanted to actually do some crafts! That inspired us to start a new venture (it would be too ambitious to call it business yet, it’s just a hobby, at least for now) in which we would sell our crafts in local craft and handmade fairs and markets and perhaps online too. Tuck & Boak had started.

The name comes from both our married names – I’m the Tuck in Tuck & Boak. Even though I cannot use my married name officially because some stupid’s country’s laws, I can finally use it for something!

Last autumn was super busy trying to knit and sew and generally crafting everything in time for the 2 Christmas fairs we had in December, hence my blog silence. The fairs were a lot of fun and we even sold stuff! People were commenting on Facebook how pretty our stall was! We even sold stuff on Etsy!

Last Saturday we had a stall at another market and we’re looking forward to the next one already, but until then, have a look at out Etsy shop, we’ll stock it up all this week!

Any tips for a successful market stall?



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