Running injuries

My running was going to well, I was running 28 minutes without any walking breaks at all, it felt so good. Then after three 28-minute runs my left knee started to ache… and then my right foot started to hurt even when I walked… oops. Apparently I over pronate, which I didn’t even know what it was but I must be doing it because it hurts!

I bought some orthopaedic insoles (oh I feel old) and I have been walking with them until I feel ready to run again. I had to miss what was going to be my second 5k race, I was pretty annoyed. I see all these people running in the nice 20C weather and I actually feel a pang of jealousy, who would have thunk it?

From the Sweaty Betty blog

Any tips for injured newbies like me?

PS Did anyone watch this TV programme on the BBC about self-monitoring? It blew my mind!


One thought on “Running injuries

  1. Get professionally fitted for shoes! That’s a biggie. Most running stores have a fancy treadmill you can walk/jog on and they tell you if you need any type of support. I’m an overpronater too but a mild stability shoe helps out a ton. Also stretching and a proper cool down helps those muscles and joints stay loose.

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