Is it just me or mint is the colour of the season?

I’m currently obsessed with it, wishing I could paint my kitchen in a minty colour like in one of those Kirstie Allsopp shows where she prettifies a poor sod’s house for two pennies (yeah right! but I forgive Kirstie ’cause it’s all so pretty in the end, see proof above).

I didn’t paint my kitchen chairs mint, although I’m still in time to do so! But it is such a pretty colour for the house.

I just love pastel colours and this is my new obsession after baby blue.

Now if anyone can find me a mint chevron fabric big enough for curtains or blinds, I’d be forever grateful. Otherwise I’ll have to make it myself using this DIY:

I even like this big ring in mint, and I’m not one for big rings, especially now I’m married and I have no literally no fingers left for rings.

Monsoon Santos ring, £14


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