Getting ready for summer

It feels like the good weather has arrived. It did arrive 2 weeks ago then suddenly we were back in winter, which was rather confusing. But today it’s sunny and the kitchen door has been open all morning. The sun really hits the back of the house quite strongly in the morning  (washing up with shades anyone?) so I’ve had to buy blinds for the kitchen window.

We have also started planting lots of stuff: strawberries (on the right, it’s growing incredibly fast! When I bought it it was smaller than the striped jug), basil (please don’t die this time), chives, spinach, spring onions and god knows what else.

I also got a lupin plant because it reminds me of Iceland, where it grew everywhere. I can’t wait to have all those pretty purple flowers adorning my garden!

Is anyone watching Eurovision tonight? We’re hosting our first Eurovision party!


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