Running bug

I’ve caught the running bug. I never thought I’d say this but I have. I have always been really bad at sport, any sport, and I’ve tried many. But a few weeks ago, with more daylight hours, I decided to start gently and do a two or three runs a week on top of my ballet workout. This reached a whole new level when a colleague challenged me to do a 5k run and now I’m doing the couch to 5k challenge. And I’ve entered a 5k race at the end of June. Whaaaat?!

So yes, I’m running now. I download the NHS Couch to 5k podcast and it’s really good! It’s like having a personal trainer by you all the time. You combina walking (with Radio 2-sort of music) and running (with more dance-y stuff) and it’s great. Each run so far has lasted 30 minutes, which is great because the runs I was doing before starting this programme were only about 20 so this feels like a step up.

I’ve found that having decent and fairly pretty sports clothes helps too, so I’ve got two outfits. The light blue above (which matches my watch and trainers, and the pink one below, which matches by iPod. I might be doing sport but I’m still girly, y’know.

I don’t know if I should buy new (pink) trainers like the ones below. I find ALL trainers really ugly, but if they are pink, and as I have to wear pink for the race, I might try something like this…

One thing is for sure, I am only going to be a fair weather runner. Winters are for staying in and eating mince pies. It is cold enough in May for me, let alone January!


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