This was our first Valentines Day as a married couple, so please excuse the cheesiness.

valentines, candles

We made ravioli from scratch with a ricotta and spinach filling and pesto sauce.



Husband made the pasta (which involved a lot of kneading) and I made the shapes.


(I couldn’t help making a heart-shaped one, corny!)


I don’t think pasta will ever taste as well as this!

Valentines3 Valentines5 Valentines2As it’s in our name, we both tucked in – and hoped every meal was as yummy as this. Well worth the effort.


And for dessert I made happy marriage cake, which we discovered while on honeymoon in Iceland so we thought it’d be very appropriate to have it on Valentines Day.

The first time we had it was in this tiny café in Húsavík, a whale-watching destination right in the north of Iceland. It was a windy and chilly day and this cake was so sweet and homely. It’s a bit like a Icelandic version of crumble, but instead of apple they use rhubarb jam. As we didn’t have any rhubarb, we used some gooseberry jam made by an auntie, and it worked just as well. In case you’re interested, I used this recipe.


Due to the devastating lack of skyr, we served it with coffee ice cream and Belgian chocolate ice cream, mmm!

Valentines6And it might be cheesy, but I got flowers for Valentines Day and I liked it!


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