Yes, I take jumping pictures, too.


Sewing projects

These are my sewing projects for August, or more realistically, for the end of the summer.

1. Curtains with dala horse fabric

I’m in the process of making these so if they work expect some pictures soon! (my fabric is actually just black and white, much more plain than this)

2. A circular skirt like this one from A pair and a spare

I’m thinking of using some IKEA Rosali fabric, which was designed by Cath Kidston so I’d get a Cath Kidston skirt for about £15, bargain!

3. A picnic blanket made from a shower curtain, as seen in Say Yes to Hoboken

It looks almost too simple to be true.

4. These his/hers pillow covers

Aren’t they sweet?



Is it just me or mint is the colour of the season?

I’m currently obsessed with it, wishing I could paint my kitchen in a minty colour like in one of those Kirstie Allsopp shows where she prettifies a poor sod’s house for two pennies (yeah right! but I forgive Kirstie ’cause it’s all so pretty in the end, see proof above).

I didn’t paint my kitchen chairs mint, although I’m still in time to do so! But it is such a pretty colour for the house.

I just love pastel colours and this is my new obsession after baby blue.

Now if anyone can find me a mint chevron fabric big enough for curtains or blinds, I’d be forever grateful. Otherwise I’ll have to make it myself using this DIY:

I even like this big ring in mint, and I’m not one for big rings, especially now I’m married and I have no literally no fingers left for rings.

Monsoon Santos ring, £14

Running injuries

My running was going to well, I was running 28 minutes without any walking breaks at all, it felt so good. Then after three 28-minute runs my left knee started to ache… and then my right foot started to hurt even when I walked… oops. Apparently I over pronate, which I didn’t even know what it was but I must be doing it because it hurts!

I bought some orthopaedic insoles (oh I feel old) and I have been walking with them until I feel ready to run again. I had to miss what was going to be my second 5k race, I was pretty annoyed. I see all these people running in the nice 20C weather and I actually feel a pang of jealousy, who would have thunk it?

From the Sweaty Betty blog

Any tips for injured newbies like me?

PS Did anyone watch this TV programme on the BBC about self-monitoring? It blew my mind!


Hello people! Yes, I’m still here. I have been abandoning my blog of late but it’s been such a lovely summer it’s been hard to actually find the time to sit down and blog.

The weather stayed great for a summer in Britain, so there were plenty of trips, especially to the Vale of Glamorgan and the beach.

I was in New Orleans for work and it was fascinating to be in the US again but the trip was a bit too short for all that time spent on a plane!

I was not impressed with the infamous Bourbon Street but the architecture was pretty I have to say.

It was annoying not having a phone that takes decent pictures, I am so getting an iPhone before the end of this year, especially if they really do make them cheaper.

On the way back I got back into running (way too hot in Louisiana for that) and reached the end of the Couch to 5k programme… and got injured!

We then had a family visit and a road trip to North Wales, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

More to come soon!

Weekend project

My project for this (extremely hot) weekend involves…

Painting these Ikea Stefan chairs


in mint green paint by Dulux

Let’s hope it works!

Gotta love IKEA

It’s not just a great shop (it’s more than a shop!) but they also make the best TV ads ever. This is the latest one…

I loved dollhouses when I was little but I never had one as cool as this one! A dollhouse with IKEA furniture? My heads spins…

I’m one of those people who needs regular trips to IKEA and already had a list for the next one.

One of my favourite ever adverts though has to be this one:

Isn’t that the catchiest tune?

Exercise in the heat

Today I read this article and it really made me want to get out and run. Then I stepped outside and realised there is no way I am running in this heat!


Either way, those guys in the all-diabetic cycling team are really impressive and make me feel like I can do it and lazy at the same time for not getting out and running today. I think I will have to try jogging in the morning (before 8am) when the heat is not as strong. More than 20 degrees just destroys me…

This weekend I only managed to do two walks – one 4km and another one 9km, which left me completely dehydrated and with a headache as a consequence. I’m such a wimp.

Any tips for exercising in the sun?


Picture from the Guardian

Stung by the sewing bee

After watching The Great British Sewing Bee I was smitten – I wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine.

A couple of weekends ago I went to a sewing workshop for beginners at The Stitchery and it was great. I had never ever used a sewing machine and by the end of the day I had made a cushion cover by myself. Oh the sense of achievement!

Now I’m thinking of buying a sewing machine and make curtains with this dalarna fabric I bought a while ago. I don’t want it to break the bank, especially as I only want to make a few projects a year as a hobby. I noticed that at the Stitchery they had IKEA sewing machines, which are only £45 and seemed to do the trick!

I have to confess I am tempted by the colourful John Lewis ones, and they have a 1-year guarantee, but they do’t have buttonhole functions, tut tut. I think this calls for a trip to IKEA, what a shame…


Oh yes, it’s that time of year again and even though one is trying to save like crazy, the sales are too big a temptation.

Last Saturday I bought some leopard sandals from Zara and now I’m thinking People Tree…

Like this blouse for work, half price at £42.50

Or crazy pretty dresses!! £49-64

Yes, crazy pretty.

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